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Security and speed are the main features of Eurotux’ datacenter

Eurotux possesses a datacenter that is able to respond to several client IT needs, featuring assets such as connectivity that guarantees quick and stable access to your data, as well as tight security.
Published on 2013-05-22

One of the greatest catastrophes that can happen to a company is the partial or complete loss of files and data that are essential for managing the business. Slightly less disastrous, but also complex, access unavailability to system and stored data, can be detrimental to day-to-day work.

Aware of these pitfalls, Eurotux has the capability of presenting a reliable and sophisticated solution: a datacenter that complies with best-practices, keeping a close watch and permanent monitoring by the company’s technical support. As such, using Eurotux datacenter services, means hosting your data and Internet services on an infrastructure with a high level of security and performance.


In a world where businesses never stop, the Eurotux datacenter presents an enviable connectivity, guaranteeing that hosted data and services are never more than a mouse-click away. With access to a vast network of operators – located in a carrier-neutral facility – and a fibre-optics based backbone with connections to main European capitals, this datacenter is ready to send and receive data, always at high speed.

Emphasis on the security of data and services hosted on the datacenter. The hosted information is protected at many levels at with different strategies, such as the platform layer, SAN (redundancy, ILM policies, etc.) and backups archive. The vital signs of the datacenter are monitored 24/7 in order to guarantee security and spot potential failures or errors.

At the physical level, security is also maximum. The facility possesses an anti-seismic structure with reinforced doors and double-paned windows, detection systems for fire, toxic gases and flooding, as well as an automated fire-extinction system, and environment and humidity control, all guaranteeing the hardware’s physical safety. As well as the several available power lines, an emergency generator guarantees that, in the event of a primary-source power failure, access to services hosted on the datacenter remains open.


On its datacenter, Eurotux can provide services that go from hosting a simple website, to housing a complete and complex infrastructure. As such, the datacenter is ready to accommodate hosting services with total flexibility (with servers tailored to the client’s needs, shared or not) and housing services (hosting the client’s own infrastructure hardware).

Based on its network of partners, Eurotux is also ready and able to provide its clients with hardware and software of market-leading brands.

In addition to hosting and housing services, Eurotux possesses a set of services, based on the datacenter, as well as other solutions that correspond to storage, backup, or disaster recovery needs.


The Eurotux datacenter, brings several advantages to companies. The system’s connectivity features guarantee reliability and speed for accessing hosted data or services, even during moments of high access levels. Security, for both the hosted information as well as the physical servers themselves, is guaranteed by the high quality of the facilities, and of the constant monitoring carried out by the Eurotux team.

In short, by trusting in Eurotux’ housing and hosting services, your business will worry less about data security and the stability of online systems. Additionally, since the management of these services is addressed in a Eurotux managed infrastructure, your company can free up more resources: less time spent managing infrastructure, and more time dedicated to other priorities.

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