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Special offer for purchasing IBM Power machine with iSeries services and Linux

The special offer, created in partnership with IBM, focuses on enhancing the potential of Power system, combining their reliability with the advantages of Linux.
Published on 2015-08-31

The impact that Information Systems (IS) have on companies is not always properly assessed by management. The security, stability and low management requirements of IBM Power systems, allow them focus almost exclusively on their business, leaving the IS to do its job: helping your company run properly.

Currently, IS have to provide services, such as file sharing and email, among others, that have not been supported by IBM Power systems, requiring the purchase of additional infrastructure and resources, representing an increase in costs to your company. IBM has been opening its Power systems up to other technologies. A Power system that is produced by IBM today, can run IBM I, AIX, and Linux applications.

In partnership with IBM, Eurotux has developed a Linux on Power integration project, in recent months, that now enables it to offer solutions that combine a set of services on one machine, that would have to have been distributed to several physical or virtual machines.

Combining the reliability of Power with the robustness, flexibility and security of Linux, Eurotux presents a solution that can run those kinds of services on an IBM Power system, making management easier and lowering operational costs.

A simulation for a Power8 system configuration with a set of additional services is available on the campaign’s website, as well as information on financing, the offer’s date limit, and other issues.

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