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Sophos Intercept X Advanced with EDR is available now

With the release of the Intercept X Advanced with EDR, Sophos steps forward into the next generation of security, with a solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to be more efficient.
Published on 2018-12-17

The Sophos Intercept X Advanced with EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) was recently launched. With this, Sophos strengthens its supply of the next generation of security, integrating smart EDR capabilities, along with detection and blocking of malware and exploit actions.

Launched in 2016, the Intercept X remains in a constant state of evolution and improvement, currently being considered the most complete endpoint protection solution on the market, considering the deep learning neural networks it features, which enable the blocking of malware threats, including ransomware. With the inclusion of the EDR tools, the solutions takes one more step forward to help companies and organizations with the detection and advanced analyses of threats, as well as rectifying incidents.

The EDR’s features go beyond mere protection, enabling data monitoring and analysis, as well as resources for early threat detection. This tool, which is an optional complement for Intercept X, is enhanced with Artificial Intelligence, transforming it into an intuitive technology, with the potential to help companies and organization have a clearer idea of potential threats, and proceeding to analyse scenarios marked as alerts. Additionally, it fosters quick incident resolution, searching for, cleaning, and blocking problematic files in all machines that contain them.

The integration of the EDR on Sophos Intercept X Advanced, strengthens the latest generation security that this solution provides, with a wide ranging approach that combines traditional basic techniques, with the most modern advances in technology, such as deep learning. Thanks to this advanced form of computational learning, the Intercept X becomes more intelligent and reliable, presenting a more efficient performance than other solutions on the market. This effectiveness allows the EDR to handle smaller workloads, freeing up resources that are fundamental for company’s or organization’s main activity. In this way, there is no time or money wasted on secondary problems, and the human resources can focus on what is truly important: the business.

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