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The Portuguese Dental Association launched a new website developed by Dipcode

Dipcode, the Eurotux Group’s Web Development company, developed a new website for the Portuguese Dental Association, in WordPress, with a more modern and dynamic layout.
Published on 2018-05-23

The Portuguese Dental Association (Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas, or OMD), recently launched its new website, which was developed in WordPress by Dipcode, the Eurotux Group’s Web Development company. Dipcode had already been responsible for implementing the OMD’s previous website, with this restructuring process resulting from the companies’ mutual trust. The main goal of this intervention was to “allow for a close and more agile relationship with the Order’s members, as well as with the general public”, as is stated by the OMD’s website.

The main new feature of this portal - - is the virtual desk, a private area where the Order’s associates can execute several operations, namely conduct payments via ATM bank account reference, edit data, or register for training sessions or congresses. In the area that is accessible for the general public, the website provides information and documentation concerning dentistry in Portugal, as well as details about the Order. You can also search for dentists, allowing any citizen to verify if the professional is a member of the Order.

With the website’s new structure, the OMD’s Annual Congress now has its own website, where members, students, and other participants can view information, register for the event, as well as submit scientific presentations. Some of the areas that existed on the old website, such as the jobs listing, were kept and updated.

The OMD’s new portal displays “a more attractive layout”, and “a more dynamic and intuitive structure”, with improvements in “navigation”, and a responsive format, “completely optimized for mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets”, as stated by the Order’s executive-director, Laredo de Sousa, in statements published on the website, also adding that “the new portal, which remains bilingual (Portuguese and English), addresses the members’ needs”, and adapts itself “to the current technological evolution”.

The OMD and Dipcode worked in close cooperation to implement the final solution – a cooperation which was essential to streamline processes and conclude the project on schedule, with satisfactory results.

Dipcode is a company focused on developing custom web solutions, in sectors as diverse as the media, distribution, and public administration. It is responsible for the development of portals such as Unibanco, Dinheiro Vivo, and Pingo Doce, presenting customized solutions that address customers’ needs.

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