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Eurotux Group invests in development of mobile apps with Hellodev

Eurotux Hellodev is the Eurotux Group’s newest company, dedicated to the development of mobile apps, aligned with the strategy for internationalization and diversification of areas of business.
Published on 2018-05-23

Eurotux Hellodev is the Eurotux Group’s newest company, with its main focus being the development of mobile apps for iOS and Android. It is the result of a partnership between Dipcode, the Group’s Web Development company, and Hellodev, a Portuguese technology company with several years of experience in the mobile application sector.

Hellodev represents yet another step in the Eurotux Group’s strategic expansion, with its ongoing focus on diversifying its areas of business. At a time in which mobile application market represents an opportunity, resulting from the growing importance of mobile phones in people’s routines, namely in accessing the Internet, the Group enters this sector to create added-value for its customers. Through Hellodev, it provides integrated solutions, thanks to a team that has several years of experience in developing mobile applications for iOS and Android operating systems. The new company also has several years of accumulated knowledge in developing API’s and e-commerce web solutions with smart back-offices, based on the WordPress WooCommerce platform.

Companies are increasingly investing in creating their own mobile apps, to provide better access to their products/services, or to streamline management and internal communication. Hellodev is positioned as a strategic partner in this regard, developing solutions that are tailored to address customers and their business requirements. The company creates efficient projects and goals, following the best usability practices, and without forgetting each brand/company’s unique identity. Its portfolio of projects is highlighted by its involvement in creating the app of the Observador, a Portuguese online newspaper, with features, such as quick access to the latest news, real time personalized alerts, and offline access to saved articles, among others.

Hellodev surges within the Eurotux Group as yet another branch, joining Dipcode, which is dedicated to developing demanding web projects, ITMZ – Serviços e Soluções, which is active in Mozambique, MORE Sec, a Portuguese-Brazilian partnership, focused on IT security, and Eurotux, specialized in planning, integrating, and implementing IT systems. A diversification that reflects the Group’s sustained growth.

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