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MORE Sec is the latest Eurotux Group company in a Portuguese-Brazilian partnership

The Eurotux Group maintains its focus on strategy expansion, with the launch of the company MORE Sec, specializing in information technology security with a Brazilian touch.
Published on 2017-09-29

MORE Sec is a company that works in the field of information technology security, resulting from a partnership between Eurotux and Picture Informática, a company headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil. It is the youngest member of the Eurotux Group, counting on the technical teams of Eurotux and Picture as precious allies, thanks to their worldwide renowned certifications and skills.

The Eurotux Group is carrying on its path of strategic expansion, focusing on internationalization and diversifying its business area. Since having recorded a significant increase in revenue in this year’s first six months, with best first semester in its history, the Eurotux Group continues with sustained growth. The strategy includes diversifying its sectors of activity, in order to better approach some areas and address market challenges more effectively.

It’s in this context that MORE Sec steps in as one more helping hand for the Group, joining ITMZ – Serviços e Soluções, operating in Mozambique, DipCode – smart vector, handling Web Development projects, and Eurotux, specializing in planning, integrating, and implementation information technology systems.

With the continuous evolution of malware and the growing wave of cyber-attacks upon companies all over the world, Eurotux has allied itself to Picture, to create, via MORE Sec, a solid and global response.

Picture, has more than 20 years of experience, and detains the largest network security project in the world, in the education segment, with the project Kroton, which includes more than 170 firewalls managed in Brazil. Eurotux has been active for nearly two decades, widely recognized and strongly rooted in the field of infrastructures and managed services in Portugal. Resulting from the accumulated experience of these two companies with strong merits in the field of Information Technology, MORE Sec offers its customers custom-made solutions, based on the knowledge of companies’ network environment and their businesses.

MORE Sec implements IT security projects, audits for vulnerabilities, executes network security and endpoint security services. It also executes intrusion test, with simulation of real attacks to identify failures and vulnerabilities in business networks.

The goal for the Eurotux Group in the near future, is to maintain sustainability and continue on a growth path for its companies, conquering more customers on the national and international markets, and continuing to satisfy the needs of those who rely on their services.

Schedule a meeting now, to learn more about MORE Sec and all that the Eurotux Group can do for your business.