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Eurotux workers get involved in the Portuguese Cancer League Campaign

The Pink Wave 2015, includes several awareness initiatives, aimed at incentivizing prevention and diagnosis of breast cancer.
Published on 2015-10-30

The Pink Wave 2015, an initiative of the Portuguese Cancer League (LPCC), will take place between October 15th, Breast Health Day, and October 30th, the National Fight Against Breast Cancer Day.  During these weeks, several initiatives will take place across the country, aiming to raise awareness to the importance of prevention in the fight against breast cancer. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to use pink ribbons, distribute pamphlets on the issue, wear pink clothing, and use images and other contents on social networks, among other possible actions.

In order to raise awareness among its workers on breast cancer, Eurotux took part in a campaign and promoted a few internal activities. The response from its workers was full of solidarity. In addition to wearing a pink or white piece of attire, to symbolize the occasion, they had a group photograph taken for this noble cause, that was shared on the social networks to promote the LPCC’s campaign.

The Pink Wave movement began in the United States of America, in the 1990’s. Its goal is to raise awareness in the general population on breast cancer and share information on the illness.