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La Redoute enhances its investment in Eurotux’s 24x7 support and maintenance services

The mail-order sales company has renewed its contract with Eurotux, assigning it a leading role in the management of its web infrastructure that supports its international services.
Published on 2016-06-30

La Redoute and Eurotux have recently established a new contract that includes more technical services with 24x7 coverage. The mail-order salves company, has enhanced its trust in Eurotux, maintaining the long term relationship between the companies.

Eurotux will provide a more wide ranging technical support and operational maintenance for the web infrastructure hosted on La Redoute’s datacentres in France. This infrastructure consists of tens of servers that provide heterogeneous.

This decision is in keeping with the increasing alignment between Eurotux’s, La Redoute Portugal’s, and La Redoute International’s technical teams. The excellent cohesion and knowledge sharing between them describe more of a partnership than a client-supplier relationship.

The infrastructure covered by this contract is particularly important to La Redoute’s business. It hosts Microsoft, iSeries, AIX, and Linux system, that in tandem with open source technology, support part of the sales solution.

With this project, Eurotux strengthens its position as an expert in systems integration and administration, complementing customer’s internal teams, and adding value to their businesses by deploying information technology.


About La Redoute

La Redoute is one of the world leading mail-order sales companies, operating in over 20 countries. Its online stores receive millions of customers interested in the clothing and accessories it sells. It is present in Portugal since 1988, and since 1997, has an online store available for its clients to order faster and safely. It stands out for its diverse supply of products, quick delivery, post-sales service and satisfaction guarantee.

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