Eurotux implements Monitoring and Alarm Systems projects based on Open Source technologies. They allow the detection of incidents and the triggering of the corresponding alerts in order to record and address.

Managed Service

The multiple systems and services utilized to store, treat, process and transmit data can have flaws that affect Information Systems. To meet these challenges, Eurotux develops Monitoring and Alarm Systems solutions that can allow you to monitor the behavior of services, systems and corporative infrastructures. You will have notifications and reports sent via email or SMS, or other integrated services.

This service supports the work of technical teams in terms of Incident Management and Capacity Management, since it helps to detect failures and also track the performance and capacity metrics.

It also allows the technical reporting of availability and the generation of capacity metrics for permanent analysis. Additionally, it is possible to complement the platform with customized dashboards.

Features and benefits

Eurotux’s Monitoring solution allows the rapid identification, recording and analysis of applications and infrastructure problems, highlighting the following features and functionalities:

  • Focus on occurrences recorded as abnormal by infrastructure metrics;
  • Acceleration of problem solving by analyzing records by occurrence;
  • Integration with internal customer systems workflows (example: CMDB).

Service tailored to each customer

Based on open source technologies such as Icinga and Nagios, Eurotux’s Monitoring Solution is adapted to the needs of its clients, with the installation of specific tools appropriate to each case, to face the solutions used and the challenges in question.

Thanks to real-time data capture and analysis, it is possible to check the status of devices and applications, analyze the performance of the various components and record in detail the behavior of services. This global analysis results in reports that allow the analysis of all behaviors in an infrastructure.

Supported by a distributed infrastructure with high availability, it enables the monitoring of the client’s IT system, regardless of its size and/or geographical spread.


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