Support and Maintenance

Eurotux provides its clients with support and monitoring in all phases of the project and offers uninterrupted operational maintenance services.

Support and Monitoring

Eurotux provides a highly specialized technical support and maintenance service, on an outsourcing regime, which actively contributes to the achievement of the client’s business objectives, in the sense of a correct functioning of its IT structure.

The support and maintenance services include global system monitoring, preventive update and correction interventions and response to contingency situations.

With a highly qualified team of professionals and its own infrastructure, Eurotux is a client oriented company, providing a high value service that contributes to improving competitiveness and solving any incident quickly.

Eurotux provides its clients with support at all stages of the project, providing uninterrupted operational maintenance and support infrastructure monitoring services.

Service Options

Operational maintenance services include the overall monitoring of the system, preventive updating and correction interventions and response to contingency situations. Since it is the policy of the company, a completely personalized service can be provided, adjusted to the specific needs of the client.

Service Contract

It is possible to obtain operation, monitoring and alarm services, as well as preventive maintenance and reactive support services, with 8×5, 24×7 or other hourly coverage to be agreed. Agreements with minimum availability levels (SLA) can be available.

Package of Hours

The requested interventions will be subject to a time accounting that will be recorded in the support tool. This level of services excludes monitoring and/or preventive services.

Occasional Requests

Services tailored to specific and sporadic customer needs.

Request Management

Customer requests are recorded in a ticketing tool that also allows the creation of various activity reports, in addition to a repository describing all the activities performed.

Eurotux provides services in infrastructures hosted at the company’s data centre, at customers’ premises or elsewhere. Currently, services are provided to customers in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The company is also available to manage active client software and hardware contracts.

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