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How to reduce AWS costs

We’ve decided to do a more in-depth article on additional cost-cutting measures apart from those described in a previous article. Please keep in mind this isn’t the way to do it ™, because in a perfect world everyone would have cost-tags in place in every resource created, preferably via your-favourite-Infrastructure-as-Code strategy, which would make everyone’s […]

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VPC Endpoint for Amazon S3

A VPC Endpoint is a service that enables you to have selected AWS Services on your VPC. It has several advantages, as it allows finer-grained control access to your resources and avoids traffic through the Internet, which you’ll pay for. In a typical Web Application, Amazon S3 is used to store static assets, such as […]

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Reduce costs on AWS, not spending

This looks like something out of Captain Obvious journal, but in fact is one of the ways we’ve been helping some customers cutting costs on AWS: stop them from spending. Usually we have access to an invoice which looks somewhat like the following: AWS Service Charges: CloudFront $2400 CloudTrail $901 CloudWatch $124 Data Transfer $4901 […]

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