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Eurotux Group invests in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science

The Eurotux Group is dedicated to innovation and research for the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, focusing on Industry 4.0., Machine Learning, and Data Science.
Published on 2018-11-23

No one can deny that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform human life, and that it is already having decisive impact on the daily lives of the more developed societies. The Eurotux group is not indifferent to this reality, nor to the new technological trends that are being established in the business world, such as Industry 4.0 and Machine Learning.

The several companies of the Eurotux Group have always paid close attention to these emerging technologies. The strategy consists of continuously focusing on research, and in strengthening knowledge, applying the latest trends in the several ongoing projects.

One of the initiatives with which Eurotux’s Research and Development team have been involved, is the UH4SP project – Unified Hub for Smart Plants. It is software architecture that seeks to benefit from the innovations of the Internet of Things (or IoT), and from Industry 4.0., to implement the Smart Plant concept. We’re within the scope of a new global approach to business, resorting to collaborative and intelligence tools, for the treatment and analysis of data, focusing on logistical optimization and full operational efficiency. The project involves a consortium that includes, in addition to Eurotux, Cachapuz, a leading Portuguese designer and producer of industrial weighting equipment, the University of Minho, and the Centre for Computer Graphics. This partnership seeks to develop technologies that are determinant for the future of industry. The visual recognition, the detection of patterns and anomalies in data recorded by the IoT, and the distribution and federation of geographically distributed data, are a few of the themes developed.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

The UH4SP is also based on another major trend in terms of software development, Machine Learning, which is considered fundamental in Eurotux’s growth strategy. This method of computational science, in which a machine is allowed to learn without having to program it to that effect, may radically transform the process of developing IT application. Dipcode, the Eurotux Group’s Web Development company, has employees that are dedicated full-time to studying these new technologies. Research is focused on Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms, namely in neuronal networks, with the objectives of processing images, language, and forecasts.

The Eurotux Group is equally committed to innovation in the field of quality, namely seeking to implement advanced statistical analysis tools which allows you to maximize insights on service data, and understand the relations between several variables. In the era of Big Data, in which the companies that handle with an ever-growing enormity of data, implementing quality and intelligent analyses is fundamental to detecting anomalies and discrepancies, as well as to control limitations and test new specification. These analyses also allow you to identify problematic areas, or new opportunities for improvement, contributing in this fashion, to the continuous increment of the quality process.

As the social and business realities become increasingly connected and intelligent, the Eurotux Group is dedicated in the innovation and development of AI, focusing on technologies, training, resources, and research in order to foster advances in this field. This commitment results from the mission spirit in providing increasingly efficient end-to-end solutions to clients, as well as from the goal of ranking among the leaders of the ongoing great Intelligent Revolution.