We provide external hosting and cloud services in a specialized data center in various forms and tuned to the specific needs of the client with several options based on technical and financial requirements.

  • Datacenter Services
  • Managed Hosting
  • Housing
  • Web Hosting

Datacenter and Cloud services allow organizations to benefit from a simpler, more agile and cost-efficient IT model, allowing them to focus on their real business and consequently increase their competitiveness

Eurotux can provide Datacenter and Cloud services with competitive and innovative approaches, identifying customer challenges and turning them into opportunities through tailor-made solutions.

Our projects focus on security criteria, contingency planning and high availability of systems. We are specialists in the Web area and in consolidation and security and we have a privileged positioning in the area of open source and interoperability of heterogeneous environments (Linux, Microsoft, IBM i, etc.).

Private Cloud

This service provides infrastructure resources (IaaS) in which the customer can support its solutions, complemented with Monitoring, Support and Maintenance services defined according to the needs identified in common agreement with the customer.

The hosting will be done in an efficient and scalable way, according to the specific requirements of each client.

You will be able to obtain a suitable environment either for a simple server for a website or for a complex platform for hosting business support applications.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud solutions combine services and cloud platforms of different natures in order to get the most out of each solution.

The hybrid solutions combine, for example, private cloud platforms with public cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS or Google, implemented and managed by Eurotux, to obtain an optimized architecture and a unique SLA.

Public Cloud

Eurotux designs, develops, implements the infrastructure and automation tools in public clouds, especially in AWS, complementing with Monitoring, Support and Maintenance services.       

Advantages of using this service

  • Reduction and control of operational costs
  • Elimination of setup costs
  • Infrastructure Deployment Speed-ups
  • Increased efficiency and performance
  • Maximization of availability and security
  • Operational gains

Datacenter features enable high quality services

Access speed

  • High connectivity, with fibre optic connections to the largest European capitals.
  • Location in carrier-neutral building, which is not dependent on only one Internet provider.

Information security

  • Information protected at various levels and with different strategies.
  • Backups to archive
  • Platform layers
  • SAN (redundancies, ILM policies, etc.)

Physical Security

  • Location in building with anti-seismic structure, armoured doors, double glazing and various alarm systems
  • Data center vital signs are monitored 24/7
  • Emergency generator
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