Enterprise e-mail solutions


Simplify how your company communicates and plans its day-to-day.

We offer solutions that provide intuitive usage, advanced features, and easy user management and service administration.


Solutions Tailored to Each Business


Enterprise e-mail solutions have evolved over the years and now provide much more than just the plain exchanging of messages. They include contacts management, task lists, agenda, and other advanced features, while supporting several ways of access the service, all compatible with several clients and devices.


 Local Email Solutions – Our experts analyze your business’ reality and suggest the best solution to install on your infrastructure.
 Hybrid Email Solutions – Save on resources by combining different technological solutions.
 Email Hosting – Eliminate initial investment costs through an email hosting solution on a dedicated or shared server.
 Webmail – Our email solutions include a web interface with calendar/agenda and contact management.

These services can be complemented with the purchase of domains. 


Email, contacts and agenda.
Office 365
Email, contacts, agenda and productivity tools.
eurotux eMail Exchange
Enterprise level email protection.
SOGo is an advanced solution with high level of performance and few technological requirements, based on open source technology. SOGo provides several ways of accessing email, calendar and contacts. It can be accessed via any desktop or mobile client and has an advanced web interface that allows easy use of its features.

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based solution for professionals and small businesses. This software combines the Office Web Apps (web versions of the Office suite, such as Word and Excel) with a set of web tools that make work easier for you and your company.

eurotux eMail Exchange is a system for filtering spam and viruses, and for protection against DoS attacks, among others, that eliminates the nightmares of receiving unwanted and potentially dangerous email.

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No matter the size of your company, Eurotux’s experts will analyze your business’ IT infrastructure and will recommend the solution for getting the best and fastest access to your information.


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