The Eurotux Firewall is an integrated and modular system, distinguished by its flexibility and for being extremely secure, efficient and reliable, with a low requirement for hardware resources. It is a critical element in an IT infrastructure, since it would become impossible to communicate with the outside in case of failure.


The implementation of monitoring and alarm systems that enable the detection of failures and accidents as well as IT infrastructure management, are one of the areas that Eurotux’s supply of services stands out.


Enterprise e-mail solutions have evolved over the years and now providing much more than just the plain exchanging of messages. They include the management of contacts, tasks, agenda, and other advanced features, while supporting several forms of access to the service and are compatible with several clients and devices.


Platform for communication/collaboration integrated by Eurotux helps customers work from home securely.

i-doit – CMDB and IT Documentation

Your company is like no other. You face individual challenges. You manage individual structures and processes. And you have your own expectations of IT documentation.
i-doit supports your individuality with its flexibility. The software adapts to your needs. That’s why i-doit is suitable for all types of companies – even international corporations.

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