Information is your company’s most valuable asset. Protect it.

Information security in a system disaster is an essential requirement for any company. Backups are the fastest way to protect a business’s information.

However, backup policies have evolved to demand increased speed throughout the process, from taking backups to file restoration. Nowadays, backup systems do more than merely replicate files; they significantly reduce the amount of data across the network and the necessary storage space.

Eurotux offers backup and restore solutions encompassing various strategies: network backup, off-site backup, and Backup as a Service.

Network Backup


Eurotux is among a select group of EMC partners, specialising in “BRS Specialty” (Backup and Recovery Systems to implement products such as Avamar, Data Domain, and Networker) and “Consolidate Specialty” (Storage and Big Data for the implementation of mid-range products from the VNX and Isilon lines).

Offsite Backup / Backup as a Service

Eurotux eBackup

Store and restore your business files in the Cloud. Eurotux eBackup safeguards data from laptops, desktops, and servers, automatically and securely backing it up to a specialised remote datacenter so you can concentrate on what truly matters—your business.

Entry-level solutions

Every company has specific IT needs, and even those with smaller budgets can find a backup solution to protect their critical business information.

These devices can be easily and quickly integrated into an IT infrastructure. Use the software solutions provided with the equipment or integrate open-source solutions.

Open source Solutions

Integre um equipamento de armazenamento com uma solução open source, sem custos de aquisição ou licenciamento, e tenha uma solução completa de backup e restore com um baixo investimento.

Tailored Solutions

Integrate a storage device with an open-source solution at no acquisition or licensing cost, and secure a comprehensive backup and restore solution with minimal investment.

Protect your data

Get in touch with Eurotux to discover the backup solution that best fits your business.

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