Connecting to the Internet without an adequate firewall system is like leaving your home and letting the door slightly open.

All IT systems need protection, monitoring and control of unwarranted access to networks, as well as traffic identification, filtering and shaping. This is what Eurotux’s Firewall – powered by OPNsense provides.

The Eurotux Firewall – powered by OPNsense is an integrated and modular system, distinguished by its flexibility and for being extremely secure, efficient and reliable, with a low requirement for hardware resources. It is a critical element in an IT infrastructure, since it would become impossible to communicate with the outside in case of failure.

This system provides a dynamic, scalable, and easy to use, integrated network security, improving network performance. Its features include proxy, load balancing, VPN concentrator and application layer filtering (layer 7).

The Eurotux Firewall – powered by OPNsense is a modular system that in order to ensure reliability assurance, is typically provided in an appliance format. For critical environments it’s possible to setup two appliances in a failover configuration.

The Eurotux Firewall – powered by OPNsense is based on open source technology and doesn’t require the purchase of any commercial software license. A service extension for software and hardware maintenance is available. This product has no limitation whatsoever regarding the number of users.





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