Monitoring Systems

The implementation of monitoring and alarm systems that enable the detection of failures and accidents as well as IT infrastructure management, are one of the areas that Eurotux’s supply of services stands out.

Based on open source technology (such as Nagios and Icinga), the company offers a monitoring tool with the ability to oversee infrastructures, platforms, services and applications.

This tool gives great importance to managing IT services and infrastructure, generating availability reports, tracking the evolution of service performance and setting off alarms (email, SMS or other means) that bring attention to failures in these systems.

Adaptable according to the needs of the company where it is installed, this monitoring system provides a detailed view of the resources that are being used by the infrastructure and detects potential failures while they are still in their initial phase, reducing response times and resulting damages. As such, using this system may extend the equipment’s lifetime with a reduction in maintenance costs.

Platform Monitoring

Service Monitoring

In addition to these typical tests for platforms and service availability, monitoring mechanisms can be created according to the client’s needs, with specific components for the solutions they use.

This solution, as is usual with other solutions provided by Eurotux, is based on open source technology and does not require the purchase of any commercial software.


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