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Improve the resilience of your business with the IBM FlashSystem family

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Main features

Fast, Secure and Efficient

Ciber resiliency

Ensure continuity of operations by protecting your data with flash storage solutions that help speed recovery from cyberattacks.

Intelligent operations

Streamline data management and support by optimising storage and networking with redictive analytics from AI-powered IBM storage Insights.

High performance

Achieve fast response times with low latency and high availability by using flash storage for mission-critical workloads.

Simple to operate

Streamline operations with a consistent storage platform, powered by IBM Spectrum Virtualize, that provides enterprise-grade capabilities across environments.

Consistent experience

Unify the view of your storage on premises and in the cloud and enable seamless data mobility and storage management.

Flexible consumption

Procure capacity on demand and combine the control of on-premises storage and the agility of cloud with IBM-maintained storage as a service.


Invest in energy efficient, dense data storage that makes a difference. IBM Storage FlashSystem devices leverage IBM FlashCore Modules with computational storage compression capabilities providing storage consolidation and power efficiency differentiation.

Armazenamento IBM

Why choose IBM FlashSystem?

Businesses are being challenged to optimise IT and drive growth without sacrificing performance, quality or security.

With the IBM FlashSystem family, you have everything you need to address transformation and increase cyber resilience.

Specifications of the models in the campaign

ibm flashsystem 5000

Technical specifications

(*) Available in FlashSystem 5300

Eurotux expertise included

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  • FLASHSYSTEM 5015 campaign
  • 11.790,00 €
  • 2 controllers with 1GbE + 4x FC 16Gbps 
  • 16GB cache per controller
  • 6x 1.92TB SSD disks
  • (~5.17TB usable in DRAID6 with 1 spare)
  • FLASHSYSTEM 5045 campaign
  • 18.790,00 €
  • 2 controllers with 10GbE + 4x FC 16Gbps 
  • 32GB cache per controller
  • 13x 1,92TB SSD disks
  • (~17,35 TB usable in DRAID6 with 1 spare)
  • FLASHSYSTEM 5300 campaign
  • 34.790,00 €
  • 2 controllers with 2x 10GbE + 4x FC 32Gbps
  • 128GB cache per controller
  • Encryption Enablement
  • 8x 4.8TB Flashcore disks
  • (~42.80 TB usable in DRAID6 with 1 spare)
  • Guaranteed 2:1 compression

Request a financing proposal through Grenke to secure the best and most flexible financial terms and conditions (subject to financial evaluation by the respective companies).

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IBM FlashSystem

Top 10 Reasons to Choose

  1. Top-rated performance.
  2. FlashCore modules offer 7x longer life — the fastest, most durable flash in the market, offering cognitive algorithms to prevent wear and failure.
  3. Built for the hybrid cloud — a single interface for managing cloud, on-premises environments, containers, and nearly any block storage.
  4. Modernise existing storage — IBM continues to revolutionise the storage market by virtualising nearly ANY block storage, regardless of manufacturer.
  5. Highest capacity density — High density delivers value, resulting in smaller footprints and lower costs. IBM FlashSystems boast the densest flash in the industry and the smallest footprints in their class.
  6. 25-50% lower power consumption than competitors — exceptionally sustainable.
  7. Simplicity — one hardware platform (IBM FlashSystem) and one software platform (Storage Visualize) across on-premises and cloud environments, with containers, VMs, etc.
  8. The lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) — leading support and pricing with a 60% reduction in administrative efforts by managing storage as a pool.
  9. Cyber resilience leadership — IBM uniquely detects anomalies as data is written, not after, enhancing security measures.
  10. Data recovery in minutes to hours — rapid restoration capabilities.
Terms & Conditions

The prices displayed do not include VAT at the prevailing legal rate.
Campaign valid until 28th June 2024, subject to stock availability.
Eurotux reserves the right to end this campaign without prior notice and to include similar equipment under the same conditions.

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