Synetics GmbH – i-doit


Eurotux is a partner of Synetics GmbH, the German company that created the i-doit CMDB (Configuration Management Database) tool, being the representative for the Iberian market of this software solution that ensures a stable and efficient operation of information networks.

CMDB i-doit offers a professional Information Technology (IT) documentation solution based on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) guidelines, which allows documenting IT systems and their changes, centrally supporting activities such as infrastructure management, network documentation, IT inventory, IP addressing management and reporting, as well as various technical documentation and other functionalities.

Eurotux uses the i-doit solution in several projects, namely to manage clients’ contracts, also enabling integration with ticket systems. Thus, it is possible to prepare reports in line with best practices in order to know, among other parameters, the items with the most incidents. It also allows emergency plans to be defined and fundamental information to be displayed in a fast and centralized location. And because it has a modular architecture, it allows the development of extensions and functionality complements.

As a partner of Synetics GmbH, Eurotux is the right ally for the implementation of this solution.

Synetics GmbH was founded in 1996 as a company dedicated to consulting and infrastructure systems in diverse environments. In 2005, it created the i-doit solution and ended up asserting itself in the software area.


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